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Bookings at Eltuek Arts Centre

Eltuek Arts Centre affordable workspaces for artists, arts collectives and organizations, as well as gathering and event space rentals for the community. Eltuek features a variety of spaces available for events, conferences, retreats, weddings, book clubs, classes, presentations, board meetings, and much more. The building features contemporary design with high ceilings, public art, lots of natural light, and several areas of exposed foundation stone. Indigenous and non-profit rates are available.



Eltuek Arts Centre is fully accessible.

Barrier-free access is available at the main entrance off George Street, the South Stairwell, and the West Entry.

The elevator is located near the Main Entrance on the First Floor.

Accessible washrooms are available on each floor.

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We encourage active and public transportation for all visitors to the Convent.

There are two accessible parking spots located in front of the main entrance off George Street.

Parking is available on-site: in front of the building via George Street, in the Nepean Street parking lot, and behind the New Dawn Centre (off Charlotte Street).

There is street parking available on George Street, as well as Charlotte and Yorke Streets.


Wi-Fi is available.

Public hours*

Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

*Additional staffing charges may apply for bookings outside regular hours.


Catering is available and provided by Café Marie Catering – new menu coming soon! For more information, please contact:


If you require assistance with A/V design, set up, and production help for your event, please contact NovaStream:


  • 135 Black Indoor Chairs.
  • 26 Half-octagon Tables (58″ x 52″).
  • 22 Banquet Tables (60″ x 30″).
  • HDMI Plug-&-Play High Definition Projection.
  • 2-column speakers with Bluetooth.

Available to Rent

  • Black table linens (round and rectangular).
  • Chairs and tables for outdoor events.

COVID-19 Protocols

For Event Rentals

Surfaces will be sanitized prior to the beginning of the event.

All event organizers and attendants are asked to abide by physical distancing, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette policies posted within the facility.

Should any event attendant feel unwell/experience symptoms of COVID-19 the day of the event they must not enter the building and are directed to call 811 to report symptoms.

Should any event attendant begin to feel unwell during the event, they are asked to leave immediately.

Please ask attendants to wear masks when catering staff are present in the room.

For Cafe Marie Catering

Please notify us if you would like food items individually plated.

For buffet service, hand sanitizer will be set up at the beginning and end of the buffet table.

Please remain seated until our catering staff has completed their event set-up.

Please place dirty dishes in the bus bins provided, not on the banquet table.

Terms of Use/Booking Guidelines


You (“The Renter”) understand this is a tentative booking and the event rental and catering, if applicable, are not confirmed until the contract is signed.

The Renter shall not make any alterations, additions, or improvements to the premises without the prior written consent of the Eltuek Arts Centre.

The Renter shall comply with all rules, regulations, ordinances, codes, and laws of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the premises.

The Renter shall not sublet or assign the premises nor allow any other person or business to use or occupy the premises without the prior written consent of the Eltuek Arts Centre, which consent may not be unreasonably withheld.

At the end of the term of this rental agreement, the Renter shall surrender and deliver up the premises in the same condition.

Cancellation Policy

Please be courteous and advise as soon as possible if you need to make a change to your booking. Any cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the start of your event will result in a fee equivalent to 25% of your initial estimate plus the full cost for any additional items, A/V setup, linens, etc.

Inclement Weather Policy

The Eltuek Arts Centre follows the same cancellation policy as the Cape Breton Regional Municipality’s Transit Cape Breton services. If the municipal bus service is not operating due to inclement weather, the Centre is closed to the public. Building closures to the public will be posted on the Centre’s social media.

Special Requests

Special requests are subject to an additional charge based on need and availability (A/V setup, additional tables & chairs, linens, etc.)

Event Rental Rates

All rates are subject to HST. Registered Not-For-Profits, registered Charities, and Centre tenants are granted a discount on all rates (before HST). Proof of Not-For-Profit or Charitable status is required when booking.

Adherence to Nova Scotia Public Health Protocols

The Eltuek Arts Centre follows and requires that all renters, visitors, and guests to the Centre follow Nova Scotia Public Health COVID-19 protocols. This includes physical distancing, masking, and handwashing/sanitizing requirements. Renters are responsible for ensuring that their guests, attendees, and visitors always abide by these protocols in all parts of the building.


Upon default in any term or condition of this Rental Agreement, the Eltuek Arts Centre shall have the right to undertake any or all other remedies permitted by Law.